Delta Distribution Dynamics

A one-stop shop to keep partners informed about Delta’s ongoing
distribution innovations.

Proven Partnerships

We are collaborating to transform
the retail shopping experience for
our travelers while respecting
the needs
of our valued partnerships.


Consistency. Transparency. Choice.

Ensuring CONSISTENCY across channels, TRANSPARENCY of product attributes and full CHOICE of product line for our customers.

The Business Experience on

Delta is building new functionality, powered by NuTravel, that enables the management of business bookings and allows for duty of care, payment management, expense provider integrations and reporting.

Delta’s Display Standards

Delta and Joint Venture partner, Virgin Atlantic Airways, have collaboratively developed respective sets of display standards outlining ‘minimum’ to ‘best-in-class’ practices suggested for third-party retailers.

Next Generation Storefront

Championing ATPCO’s Next Generation Storefront (NGS) to deliver an innovative retail experience for our customers.

New Distribution Capability

Leveraging New Distribution Capability (NDC) as a technology standard to enable a single source of content.

Merchandising Approach

Investing in personalized traveler experiences to deliver industry-leading, end-to-end merchandising.